March 24, 2017

Dear homies,

Thank you for all of your support. What we do at Studio AM would not be possible without the demand that awesome individuals like all of you create for us to fill, and we genuinely love that. We have lots of cool projects and announcements on the horizon for Studio AM and the City of Pittsburgh as the weather begins to warm up.

All of us at the Studio have been working diligently to continue raising the bar and elevating the standard of Pittsburgh culture, and our approach is that cultural change takes place on a personal and introspective level.

We desire to be a catalyst for others to take it upon themselves to begin transforming the way they live for the betterment of their surrounding environment.

Life is a process of transformation within a system of creation, as is art. The use of art to reveal the life and the use of life to create art is what I live for as an artist. It is the reason I do everything I do. I am either busy creating art from the experiences life gives me or creating life with the art I make.

As the moments that pass supply the appropriate paint for us to create ourselves, we serve as both the brush and canvas, it is up to us to rearrange ourselves, not the paint supply.

If we fail to understand what we are as the canvas and brush, it is impossible for us to view the moments as the resource that allows us to create ourselves at all, they simply become what created us, which is equal to allowing the paint supply to stay in the tube allowing what was not created to become the only thing that is reality.

Reality is not what plays out in front of you, that is the universe, reality is what you are able to understand you created.

I refuse to live as a result of the things left unused or never created, but rather an accumulation of thoughtful decisions observed as the moments pass perpetually creating. I refuse to turn away any of my moments in pleaded attempts to receive a different tube of paint, for what is given is what is had, and we do not control what is given outside of controlling what we are able to give, and in this we are able to re-evaluate what it means to receive. In this idea of receiving every moment as paint to be used to create myself, it has made me know that I must be grateful for everything, or it cannot be used.

So I choose to have gratefulness as a part of my state of being, and gratefulness cannot be selective, it can only be grateful.

With that being said I am very grateful for all of you and have been in the studio significantly more, creating new paintings as I soak in all the life that is occurring for me. For those of you that largely keep up with me through these emails I apologize for being so out of touch directly, but there have been some things that I have needed to take the time to focus on getting sorted out. With that being said I will be making it a point to write directly to you all more consistently knowing that so many of you are growing in life just as I am, and that is what I am most grateful for. Together we have and are continuing to build a beautiful community of people who are diligently working to be their best self, and to see a city collectively doing that is something that is beyond beautiful, it is inspiring.

People ask me what inspires me, and the answer is what we have the potential to become together, as well as alone.

I encourage each and every one of you to continue working on your best version of you, as you create the moments that life presents you to work on YOU with.

Thanks again for the purpose all of you help me fill, and my desire is that all of you go out and shine bright making those close to you see that they can be light as well.

With inspiration,

The Artist