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Let it go

You will never be able to execute your greatest ideas unless you are able to let go of yourself. There is art in letting go. 

I am bold

Creating comes from a place of boldness, and in others inspires the courage to be bold. To be bold. I am. 

How hard we try is who we really are. 

I’m blessed¬†

Always take notice of the moments of serendipity. Being blessed is in the noticing. 


Never be afraid to say aloud what you believe yourself to be 

I learned to forgive properly when I fully understood that the past does not exist, but only how we once felt about it, or still do. 

My hope is not all gone

Love lives in the lost and found. Love lives in the silent sounds. Love lives here and now it whispers that my hope is not all gone. 

As I abundantly receive I abundantly create. As I abundantly create I abundantly receive.  

Head high, blinders on, and a forward rearview mirror.

Monday 10/5/15 @12:27PM

These are my thoughts. These are the things and places that my mind wanders to, sometimes with my consent and sometimes without. I am not sure why I have felt prompted to share these things. Maybe knowing that people see what is flowing to and from me, will make me think more clear?